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Filing a Tangible Personal Property Tax Return

The Polk County Property Appraiser's Online Tangible Return Filing Application makes preparing and filing your Tangible Tax Return (Department of Revenue Form DR-405) quick and easy.

NOTE:  Florida Statute 193.052 requires that all Tangible Personal Property be reported each year to the Property Appraiser's Office.  

The deadline to file is April 1. If you do not file a return or extension by the deadline, you will not qualify for the $25,000 Tangible Personal Property Exemption.


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TPP Exemption

In order to qualify for exemption, businesses must file a return by April 1 or within an approved extension period.  New businesses must file an initial return, even if the value of the equipment listed on the return is less than $25,000 in order to be considered for an exemption. If there are no changes and the value is still $25,000 or less as of January 1 of following years, no filing is required. If your value increases more than $25,000 in future years, you are required to file a TPP Return, by April 1

TPP tax returns must be filed by April 1 or within any extension period. Returns filed after April 1 or after an approved extension period would not be timely. This does not apply to taxpayers who are not required to file because they were previously assessed without a return being filed or whose requirement was waived because the value of their property is not more than the exemption.

New Accounts

If you own, operate, or have started a business in Polk County you are required to file a Tangible Tax Return.  New accounts must enter all tangible property located in the county as of January 1.

Existing Accounts


The Polk County Property Appraiser's Online Tangible Return Filing Application can also be used to file for a 30 day extension.  

Please note: The Property Appraiser may make adjustments to the account in accordance with the Florida Statutes and Florida Department of Revenue, Rules and Regulations.

In order to complete the application process...

You will need the following information to add a business account: