Things You Should Know

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Things you need to know before getting started:

Use of the application indicates the following:        


  1. To avoid any technical difficulties, please review the information on our troubleshooting page.
  2. If you do not have an account number, call our office at (863) 534-4777.
  3. By giving someone your sign-in credentials, you are giving them permission to file your return on your behalf.
  4. If your business has more than one location in Polk County, a return needs to be filed for each location.
  5. Please avoid using the back or refresh buttons. Instead, click on the tabs to navigate through the return.
  6. Although the application times out after 120 minutes of inactivity, all data entered and saved is maintained when your session is closed.

       **Note: Data is considered saved after you have entered information and moved to another tab in the return.**


  1. If you are preparing this return for a client you must have a letter of authorization on file with our office for the return to be accepted.  
  2. If you are entitled to a widows, widowers or disability exemption on personal property (not already claimed on real estate) contact our office at (863) 534-4777.
  3. Upon completing your return, be sure to print a copy of the modified return and click the submit button.  A return confirmation email will be sent to you.