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What's New in the Tangible Online Filing Application

The latest release of the Tangible Online Filing Application brings you a new and look and feel, along with new functionality.  We believe these changes will enhance the application and make it more user friendly.

Table / Schedule / List Sorting

Most Tables in the Application can now be sorted.  The column headings with double arrows are sortable, and can be sorted by clicking on the column heading.  Clicking a second time will reverse the sort order.  The currently sorted column's heading will be highlighted white, and the arrow will change to a single arrow indicating the sort direction.

Tangible Account List

    1. Sort columns by clicking on the column heading
    2. The white column header indicates the column the tangible account list is sorted by
    3. New columns have been added (Assessed Value, LOA Date, Preparer Email)
    4. Accounts highlighted blue are exempt from filing a return unless they have acquired additional items that may increase their assessed value over $25K

Schedule 1/2/3 Tabs

    1. You can now sort by column if you click on the column heading.  The white column header indicates the column the table is sorted by
    2. The Schedule table now has the original cost column totaled at the bottom
    3. You can now select all items in the schedule by clicking the  check box in the column heading
    4. We have also highlighted columns based on the changes you make on the schedule tab
      1. Yellow highlighting indicates the row has changed
      2. Pink highlighting indicates the row has been marked for deletion
      3. Green highlighting indicates a new row

                     Note:  If you mark a row for deletion, you can click the undelete button on schedules 2 & 3.  This feature is not available on schedule 1 or for any newly added rows.

Attachments Tab

You now have the ability to open the Asset Detail Report (this is the asset data from the most recent and approved Tangible Return), make any necessary changes, save and import

Preparer Tab *****BRAND NEW TAB*****

If you prepare returns for clients, add your information to the Preparer Tab.  The information added here is associated with your user login and will be available for all tangible accounts managed under that user login.  Multiple preparers can be added to this Tab.  This is useful when a firm has a single account used to manage many clients.  Each preparer can be added to this Tab and later selected from a list on the Submit Tab.  Use the New button to add new preparers, the Edit button to edit a preparer, and the Delete button to delete a preparer.  When making any changes or adding a new preparer, all fields marked with an asterisk "*" are required.

Submit Tab

    1. Submitting a return will now send an approval email to the profile email address and the preparer email address (if a preparer has been entered on the preparer tab).  

     NOTE:  If there is no preparer information entered, the approval email goes to the profile email address and the contact email address entered on the business info tab.

    1. The approval email now has the Tangible Teturn (PDF) attached.
    2. The information entered on the Preparer Tab can now be selected from the Preparer Information dialog box accessed by clicking the Edit Preparer Info button

View/Print Tab

A courtesy copy of the Tangible Return (PDF) can now be emailed by entering an email address into the Email Address box on the View/Print Tab and clicking the Send Button.