Tangible Online Filing Application

Add New Item

To add new items to Schedule 1, follow the steps below:

1) Click the New Button

New Button 

2) Supply values in the "Create New Schedule 1 Item" dialog.  

Create new Schedule 1 dialogue

Lessor Name*:  The person or company who owns the equipment being leased to you.

Lessor Address*:  The mailing address of the owner of the leased equipment.

Description*:  A brief description of the leased item.  For example, "Cannon 3200G Copier" or "Kubota Fork Lift".

Year Acquired*:  The 4-digit year that the lease began.

Year Manufactured:  If known, enter the year that the leased equipment was made or manufactured.

Monthly Rent Amount*:  The monthly rent paid for the leased item.

Cost if purchased new:  If known, enter the cost of the item if you were to purchase it new.  You may enter an estimate, or leave this blank if you do not have this information.

3) Click the Save Button.