Tangible Online Filing Application

TPP Tax Return Filing Deadline

The deadline to file the TPP Tax Return is April 1st (*). If you do not file a return or apply for an extension by the April 1 deadline, you will not qualify for the $25,000 Tangible Personal Property Exemption. 

The filing deadline does not apply to taxpayers who filed an initial TPP Tax Return and have been waived from filing subsequent returns UNLESS the TPP Value is more than $25,000 as of January 1st of the any year. 

*Dates are due dates or deadlines, unless otherwise stated.  Most dates that fall on a weekend or holiday are moved to the next business day.

New Accounts

If you own, operate, or have started a business in Polk County you are required to file a Tangible Tax Return.  New accounts must enter all tangible property located in the county as of January 1. 

Existing Accounts

If you have filed a Tangible Return in previous years AND your Tangible Account(s) is linked to the email address associated with your profile, you will be able to retrieve this information on your account(s) and update as needed. 

If your Tangible Account is not linked to the email address associated with your profile, you must answer a few questions related to the account before being able to access the tangible account information and file a return. 


The Polk County Property Appraiser's On-line Tangible Return Filing Application can also be used to apply for a 30 day filing extension.

On-Line Filing

You will need the following information to add a business account to the on-line filing application:

The Federal ID associated with the business   -- OR --

The Original Cost and Filing Year of the last Tangible Return