Tangible Online Filing Application

Welcome to the Tangible Return Online Filing Application

Florida Statute 193.052 requires that all Tangible Personal Property (TPP) be reported each year to the Property Appraiser's Office. The TPP Tax return is the Department of Revenue (DOR) approved form used as the declaration of personal property situated in the county. The Polk County Property Appraiser Tangible Return On-Line Filing Application makes preparing and filing your Tangible Tax Return (Department of Revenue Form DR-405) quick and easy. 

The deadline to file the TPP Tax Return is April 1. If you do not file a return or extension by the deadline, you will not qualify for the $25,000 Tangible Personal Property Exemption

What you need to file

You will need the following information in order to file a return using the Tangible Online Filing Application:

A valid email address

The user profile / sign-in credentials associated with the account

A list of any assets that were added or removed during the previous year

Answers to verification questions associated with the account which may include the following: SSN or Federal ID, the last year a tangible return was filed, the total original cost of the account

Using the Help File

To navigate through the Help File, you may use the "Previous" or "Next" buttons  located above the tool bar on the screen or by clicking the appropriate link in the Table of Contents.