Tangible Online Filing Application

Site Information

The site information fields contain details about the actual site in Polk County where the equipment is physically located. If you have filed a Tangible Return in previous years, the site information is pre-populated with the data from the Property Appraiser's system. You do not need to enter anything in these fields unless the information is incorrect, incomplete, or has changed.  

Site Information Read Only

Mill Code: is the numerical code for the taxing district in which the assets are physically located.

Account #: is the Tangible Personal Property Account Number issued by the PCPA.  

Parcel #: is the Real Estate Identification Number associated with the physical location at which the Tangible Personal Property is located. 

Site Address: is the address where the assets are physically located. 

Site Address in City Limits:  The term city limits refers to the defined boundary or border of a city.  The terms town limits/boundary and village limits/boundary mean the same as city limits/boundary, but apply to towns and villages.  Property within city limits is subject to city taxation and city regulation, and receives city services.  Areas outside of any city's limits in Polk County are considered to be unincorporated and are regulated and taxed by Polk County.

If you need to update the Site Address or City Limits Information click the "Edit Site Info" button, the dialog below will open.  Update the data, and click save.

Site Information Edit Dialog