Tangible Online Filing Application

View/Print Tangible Return

A pdf reader such as the free Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view or print the Tangible Return:

1)Click the View / Print Tangible Return button.  

View/Print Return button

2) A pdf file will be generated using the account number as the file name (Example 88155543.pdf).  You will be prompted to open or save the file.  Click open to view the file in your browser and print, or Save to Save a copy of the pdf file.


PDF download notice in firefox

Internet Explorer:

pdf download notice in Internet Explorer

3) If you click open, a pdf file similar to the one shown below will open.  This file can be printed (File->Print), emailed (File->Send File->Attach to Email...) or saved (File->Save As) using the Adobe Acrobat Reader menu.

Tangible Personal Property Tax Return Report

4) It may take a moment for your form to print after clicking "print". Please click "Print" only once or you will received multiple copies.