Tangible Online Filing Application

Add New Item

To add new items to Schedule 3, follow the steps below:

1) Click the New Button

New Button 

2) Supply values in the "Create New Schedule 3 Item" dialog.  

Create Schedule 3 Item Dialogue

Description*:  Please enter a brief description of the item.  For example, "Cannon 3200G Copier" or "Kubota Fork Lift".

Custom ID:  This is a user defined field. It can be used to enter a number/description internal to your organization or identifying information such as a serial number. The Custom ID will be saved with the item and will be retrieved from the property appraiser system when filing next years return.

Year Acquired*:  The 4-digit year that the asset was originally purchased.

Original Price*:  The original purchase price of the asset.

Rent Amount:  Rent amount is the monthly rent paid for the leased item.

Rent Term (months):  Rent term is the length of the lease, expressed as the number of months.

Market Value:  Market Value is the property owner's estimate of the fair market value of the asset in its current condition.

Condition:  Condition is the property owner's opinion of the condition of the asset. Choose "Good", "Average", or "Poor" from the drop down menu.

Adjusted Price:  Adjusted Price is not required. Use this field only if there is a reason that the price of this asset has changed in a way that would not be reflected by the normal trends and depreciation that would typically be associated with the item. For example, if a portion of the asset had been sold and the remainder had been retained.

Adjusted Explanation:  Adjustment Explanation is only required if you entered data under "Adjusted Price". Please provide a brief explanation of why the Adjusted Price should be considered in lieu of the original price. For example, if a portion of the asset had been sold and the remainder had been retained.

3) Click the Save Button.