Tangible Online Filing Application

Edit Item

If you need to modify an item, 

1) Click the edit button in the row of the item you wish to edit.  An "Edit Schedule 3 Item" dialog window will open. Modify the data and click save. 

2) Supply values in the "Edit Schedule 3 Item" dialog.  

Edit Schedule 3 Item Dialogue

Description*:  Please enter a brief description of the item.  For example, "Cannon 3200G Copier" or "Kubota Fork Lift".

Custom ID:  This is a user defined field.  It can be used to enter a number/description internal to your organization or identifying information such as a serial number.  The Custom ID will be saved with the item and will be retrieved from the property appraiser system when filing next years return.

Year Acquired*:  The 4-digit year that the asset was originally purchased.

Original Price*:  The original purchase price of the asset.

Rent Amount:  Rent amount is the monthly rent paid for the leased item.

Rent Term (months):  Rent term is the length of the lease, expressed as the number of months.

Market Value:  Market Value is the property owner's estimate of the fair market value of the asset in its current condition.

Condition:  Condition is the property owner's opinion of the condition of the asset.  Choose "Good", "Average", or "Poor" from the drop down menu.

Adjusted Price:  Adjusted Price is not required.  Use this field only if there is a reason that the price of this asset has changed in a way that would not be reflected by the normal trends and depreciation that would typically be associated with the item.  For example, if a portion of the asset had been sold and the remainder had been retained.

Adjusted Explanation:  Adjustment Explanation is only required if you entered data under "Adjusted Price".  Please provide a brief explanation of why the Adjusted Price should be considered in lieu of the original price.  For example, if a portion of the asset had been sold and the remainder had been retained.

Once the item has been saved, the text will be bold and the color of the row will change to yellow. This is to show it has been edited.