Tangible Online Filing Application

Tangible Account List

Just as the name implies, the Tangible Account List is a listing of the tangible accounts that are currently associated with the profile ID / email address you used to log into the application. The user is provided the email address associated with the profile used to log in in the text above the Tangible Account List.

Adding / Removing Accounts and Filing for Extensions

Just above the Tangible Account List there are three buttons: Add Account, File Extensions, and Remove Accounts.  

Tangible Account List buttons image

The names of the buttons tell you what the button is used for, click the links below to find out more about the use of each button.

Adding and Removing Accounts

Filing for a 30-Day Extension

Let's take a look at the Account List

The Tangible Account List has columns that provide valuable information about the accounts associated with the user profile.  

Column 1:         Account selection check box. The check boxes can be checked or unchecked to Add or Remove Accounts or to file for a 30 day extension.  

Clicking the check box in the header row will select all records / accounts in the account list.  

Select/Deselect all accounts checkbox and Select/Deselect an account checkbox

Column 2:        Account                This is the Polk County Property Appraiser (PCPA) 8 digit unique identifier for the tangible account.  

Column 3:        Acct. Name                The business name or Doing-Business-As (DBA) name associated with the account number.

Column 4:  Last Approved         Indicates the most recent tax year the account had a return processed by the PCPA.

Column 5:  Filing Status        The current filing status of the account; that status will either be submitted or unsubmitted.

Column 6:  Assessed Value        The PCPA assessed value. 

Column 7:  Exemption                The PCPA exemption value.

Column 8:  LOA Date                If there is a letter of authorization on file, the expiration date. 

Column 9:  Preparer Email        This is the email address of the assigned preparer for the account. 

NOTE:  The preparer information will be different than the profile user if the information on the Preparer Tab has been updated.

Column 10:  Account Data        The account data column allows the user to process the return by editing within the application or using the application to import data directly. See the Edit or Import help page for more information about both options.

Exempt Accounts

PLEASE NOTE: Accounts highlighted in blue are exempt from filing a return unless they have acquired additional items that may increase their assessed value over $25,000. Assessed value and Exemption value are the PCPA approved values at the time the return was started, and do not reflect any changes made to the account after the return was started.

Sort Accounts

You can sort the list of accounts by clicking on the column heading. The white column header background indicates the column the tangible account list is currently sorted by the values in this column. The arrow in the sorted column, indicates the direction of the sort, ascending or descending. Clicking the sorted column again will toggle the direction of the sort.